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From: Nadia V.
Date: December 19, 2022

I am a Christian content creator that talks ALL the time on social media about my past trauma, mental health issues, and sin issues that I’ve been healed and delivered of and God has allowed me to grow a platform of over a hundred thousand followers. 

Because of this, [a news outlet] reached out to me because they possibly want to do a video of me/my story. For the first part of this, I was on a phone call with a woman … who isn’t a Christian.

I got to share with her my testimony, and she asked me all of the hard questions you can think of. My views on abortion, homosexuality, modesty, pre-marital sex, all the things. The Holy Spirit spoke through me with all of these questions and she seemed SO intrigued and wanting to know more! I’m praying that the seed I planted blooms into her salvation!


From: Brett S.
Date: November 16, 2022

I’m a pediatric physical therapist who treats people and families with all backgrounds. Lately, I’ve been in conversation with a caregiver who happens to be Muslim. Months back I had an opportunity to speak about Jesus and ask what she needed prayer over, which included finances. The next time I went back, I gave her a monetary gift stating, “just as I give this to you with no strings attached, Jesus Christ loves you no strings attached.” Following these interactions, I’ve continued to be in prayer for her, but not having an opportunity to speak and have conversation. That changed today … when the Lord allowed me to speak about the significance of Christ as Lord and why he’s not just a prophet, the significance of the cross, the Bible and why He means so much to me. I then prayed for and over her right there in that moment. She asked where I went to church and if she would be accepted. I then explained, “come as you are.” I then made sure she had my cell phone number, the location of Northwest Bible and the service times. I informed her that my wife would be singing this Sunday (she knows about [my wife] being pregnant and always asks about her) and said I would love to have you there sitting next to me. She seemed very interested!!


From: Katy N.
Date: November 13, 2022

I am continually trying to practice spiritual transparency with my friend. In the midst of her hurting from a fellow Christian I apologized for how so many of us continue to sin and make mistakes that hurt others. I was also able to share (later in a separate topic) about what I am learning about God lately reading the chronological Bible.


From: Karen W.
Date: October 30, 2022

I had prayed the day before for 1) God to give me an opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus, 2) For The Lord to help me to be aware when Jesus sends someone across my path. (Enable me to see the opportunity), 3) Help me, empower me, embolden me so I wouldn’t be nervous— that I will not believe the lies that try to stop me, 4) make me sensitive to others around me.

Our painter, who I have known for 4 years, was painting the outside of our house. We were talking about work to be done and he mentioned dropping off a sample on Sunday. Then, he said that he remembered from last week that we would not be home on Sunday morning bc we would be at church. ([The painter] and I had had a very brief conversation just the weekend before about him wanting to work on Sunday and I had said that’s God’s day of rest. I told him he needed to test that day. He said it was fine, and he could go do some apartment work.)

I knew in that moment that this was the open door/ the opportunity that God was giving me to talk to [him]. So, I asked him if he went to church. We began a very long conversation about how he used to go with his wife, but now he has so much work to do he did not have time to go. He said it had been years. I asked what kind of church he attended and he told me he had gone to a Catholic church, but had gone one time to a community church years ago with someone. He talked about how he missed going and growing up his mother was very strict about going to mass (he grew up in Mexico). I asked him if he believed in Jesus and he said yes.  Then, I asked him if he knew he was going to heaven. He got very quiet and then said he did not know. I began talking to [him] about how he could know for sure that he was going to be in heaven one day with Jesus. And how God wants us to surrender to him everything — our hopes, our dreams, our pain, our stress, etc. and we ended up talking for over an hour about his upbringing and how his father left when he was little. The incredible stress he was under and how he worried about his divorced son and 2 granddaughters. I could see the stress on his face and the burdens he was carrying as he put his hands on his head. I told him that Jesus did not want him to carry those burdens and how I have tried to carry burdens in my own life as well. I explained we are all human and we all sin and fall short and that’s why we need a savior who offers forgiveness of sins and can restore us. Told him in surrendering to Jesus Christ, we can give all those heavy burdens to Him. And, Christ will strengthen us through His power to get through hard things as we lean on Him and how we can find incredible freedom in living in Jesus. We can have an abundant life.  And, once we accept Christ as our savior, (which is a gift from God that can’t be earned), we will live with Him in heaven eternally.  

[He] then said he wanted to go back to church & take Sundays off. I explained to him that in my own personal life, I have never wasted a moment when I spent time reading my Bible, journaling in my prayer journal or simply setting aside quiet moments to just sit & rest in Jesus’s presence. When I set aside other things to be with Jesus & put Him first, that time always reaped multiple rewards in my life and gave me a great peace in my life.   

In this conversation with [my painter], God made me aware of the pain in the world. That we all carry great burdens and you never know what’s truly the story with someone until you take the time to stop, be present and ask. 

I invited [him] and his wife to church with our family this week. He told me that he was already committed to working at the apartments this weekend. But, he was going to stop working on Sundays after this week and go back to church.  He seemed to have hope & like a burden was lifted. I then gave him several tracts I had in Spanish & English and gave a few trick or treat tracts for his granddaughters. He was very excited to give them to his granddaughters because he said they don’t go to church at all. Then, he added, I think I will start taking them with my wife to church.  

I could see the wheels turning in [this man’s] head.  The stress on his face from earlier seemed to melt away as if God was already filling him with a renewed spirit.   

[He] speaks a mix of Spanish & English, but the Holy Spirit was definitely working in our conversation as he understood everything I said during that time. 

I will be praying for [him] over the weeks and months ahead. I pray he will find peace in Christ and that he will give all his heavy burdens over to Jesus. I am also so thankful that I was able to put my busy agenda aside and do what The Lord was asking of me (which happened to be the most important thing in my day).


From: Allison M.
Date: October 23, 2022

I was reading at Starbucks, and someone stopped by my table to ask what I was reading. I shared the title (Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt) and said that it was about living in community and letting the word of God shape our lives, and the lady said “Oh, that’s not something I’d ever read.”

Not missing a beat, I asked what sort of things she reads, and we talked about her interests for a while before she circled back and said that she was surprised by my non-reaction to her anti-religeous comment/stance. Her experience has been people trying to proselytize her away from Atheism and not being able to see each other as people first. I think we each surprised one another in the non-stereotypical responses between Christian and Atheist.


From: Remington D.
Date: October 1, 2022

So, I’ve been wanting to have surprisingly easy to start conversations about Jesus at my new job, and God provided an opportunity.

At my workplace, there is a cafe, which almost everyone goes to for lunch. I have tried to get to know the people who serve us and say hi to them every day even if I don’t order anything. On Monday, I got in line to get lunch, and when I got to the front, I asked [one of the servers] how he was doing. He said he was having a bad day, so I asked what was going on.

[He] said that his father was in surgery at that moment, and that he didn’t think he was going to make it. An organ had exploded, and his heart had stopped twice. And the doctors weren’t sure what could be done. I listened as [he] poured out his heart and his anxiety and his pain. He opened up about the trauma he had received and his strained/estranged relationship with his father.  

I asked [him] if he would mind if I prayed for him. He said he would appreciate prayer and that he tried to pray himself (I think he is from a Catholic background). We walked over to the side of the counter, and I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for him, for his dad, and the doctors. When we finished praying, [his] boss walked up to us. [He] said that I had gotten him emotional, but that he needed to leave work early to see his dad in the hospital. 

After getting my food, [the server’s] boss asked if I would send him an email to let him know what happened. I explained what had happened – his dad is dying; I listened and asked if he wanted prayer; he said yes; and I prayed for him. [The man’s boss] was a bit stunned, but when I asked if he would still like me to email him, he said it wasn’t necessary.

[The server’s] dad lived on Monday and last I heard was going to make it (albeit with a long recovery time). But, I was really surprised by the reactions I got later….

At the end of the day, I had actually forgotten about lunch. It had been a crazy busy day, and I was leaving work a bit frustrated.  As I left in the elevator, a woman (who is a Christian) said she really appreciated what I had done for [the server].  She was also aware of [his] situation and had given her phone number to him if he needed anything. But she encouraged me for making a difference and that she was glad I had prayed for him.

The next day, I had a message on Teams from [the server’s] mom, whom I’ve met because she also works at the same company in a different department. She thanked me for praying for her son.

And, when I went down for lunch later, I saw [the server].  I asked how his dad was doing, and how he was doing.  That’s where I got the status update. 

[The boss] was at the cash register, and he said my lunch was comp’d and thanks for helping [his employee].  I protested a bit – saying, it was just the right thing to do. Still, free lunch wasn’t bad.

Later in the day, my boss came up to my office and said that I was the subject at lunch. That the people who work in the cafe were amazed that I had prayed for [the server], and that it meant a lot to them. That in a hospitality culture, there is a focus on serving guests but not showing employee’s problems or praying in public. [The server’s] boss had apparently wanted to do something for him, but didn’t know what to do. Everyone seemed really appreciative that I had prayed for him. My boss, also a Christian, said I did a good job.

I just wanted to share this story because in the midst of our conversations in a hostile culture series, it hit me that yes, there are times and places where sharing Jesus leads to suffering. Walking with Jesus is HARD. But, there are also times and places where the world yearns for and appreciates when Christians step out to care and love on others. And sometimes our conversations might affect more than just the folks with whom we converse.


From: Nancy R.
Date: August 2, 2022

The Septic Tank Cleaning Man backed up his huge tanker truck to suck out the stuff from the underground tanks at our lake house. I was so grateful for his coming. It was overdue.

During a lull, I took him some iced peach tea and began chatting with him. At the mention of being thankful to God, he confessed  that he had not been to church in years because of hypocrites there. I got to talk to him about his relationship “on hold” with Christ, the Holy Spirit within us, how to start reading his Bible, how to use a devotional book daily. We read together from “Jesus Calling” on the current date. His face lit up and he recalled having that joyful peaceful feeling when a boy in church.

He really wanted to try going back to church so I called a friend who lives in his area for a suggestion. I texted him the church’s name and info. It was an honor and a privilege to get to encourage and do basic discipling with my very own Septic Tank Man, my brother in Christ.


From: Ruth S.
Date: July 27, 2022

I went hiking in MT with [another Northwest member]. On our last day/hike we ran into a woman who clearly wanted to chat. As we were talking with her, she mentioned her pastor so we started talking about church. She shared about several difficult things she was dealing with in her family and it was apparent that she needed some encouragement. We asked if we could pray for her and did so before we left. It was such a sweet divine appointment! We exchanged contact information and I am hoping to get her connected to some family friends in her area who can continue to encourage her. [My friend] and I met many people on our trip – Neil had conversations Coast to Coast – I’m contemplating starting Conversations Peak to Peak! 😉


From: Haley H.
Date: July 15, 2022

God kicked the door wide open for a conversation about Him on Tuesday morning! 

I work 2 days a week as a home health OT, I started back in January. So I have been seeing this family about two days a week since January. The first family on my caseload, sweet family, parents grew up in Vietnam. Dad speaks English and mom only speaks Vietnamese. So I always talk to the dad to coordinate all therapy with his son. Never talked about much of anything else except his son’s medical and education care.

I work with their 5 yo son, we’ll call T, who is smart and has made tons of progress this year. He is obsessed with the solar system. Our ritual is to go over each of the planets throughout each treatment session. 

On Tuesday I mentioned a book that I have that has tons of pictures from the Hubble telescope, and it reminded me of T. The dad, we’ll call Mr. N, told me about NASA’s newest telescope just this week, the James Webb telescope taking pictures of galaxies supposed to be from “4.6 billion years ago” according to NASA. 

I honestly didn’t have much of a reaction to this, but before I knew it, Mr. N was telling me how he wasn’t sure what he believed. About his childhood and his parents being Catholic and going to mass twice a day, but were they Catholic just because the French colonists told them to be? And how the whole village was judgemental but at least they felt strongly about something, and he was looking into Buddhism but maybe he would have a “coming to Jesus” moment in his life someday. 

I didn’t say much throughout this conversation, I threw in some of my own similar experiences growing up as I worked with T and listened. 

When he paused, I said a quick prayer , “O Lord, help me, give me what you want me to say.” In my head.  

Then I asked him if he ever tried reading the Bible. 

He responded with, well, yeah, they taught it in school but it was written so long ago and probably made up. 

Then I asked if he wanted to know what I believed. 

When I got his go ahead. I told Mr. N that I believe there is a Creator God and that we are His creation. And that he, Mr. N, is a man created in God’s image and God loves him. And that we can trust the Bible and God uses it to speak to us. 

I asked Mr N if he would be willing to try something. When he said yes, I told him that when he had a quiet time alone. That he take a Bible and turn to the Gospel of John. That he say a prayer to God, asking God to show him the truth and then start reading. And Mr N said he would. I believe he will. 

Pray with me, that he will do it and God will open the eyes of his heart. 

2 things surprised me about this interaction. 

1. I did not initiate it. I had no intention of having a Jesus conversation that morning with Mr N, I was just there to provide OT for his son.  

2. It was “surprisingly easy”! The reason it was easy, I believe, is because the Holy Spirit moved Mr. N’s heart. Not because I am so smart or anything. I have been skeptical about this whole church statement, because I was like, “I gotta figure out a way to work Jesus into the conversations some how?” But that’s not it! Literally, just “be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in your heart.” 

I called my husband, Zach, when I left their house and we prayed for the N family. For Mr N and his wife and their two sons (5 yo and a 3 yo). I have a feeling this will not only change Mr. N’s life but his wife and children too and generations to come. Jesus move in his heart! 

This is working, keep praying, church!


From: Dan B.
Date: June 13, 2022

I had a great conversation with an Uber driver. Was able to pray with her at the end of the ride.

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