Share a Video Story!

All videos will be reviewed by a staff member of Northwest Bible Church to ensure that the story meets the requirements to be shared publicly.

What to Share

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Here are some ideas of what you could share in your video!
  • How the conversation was started
  • How your divine platform played a part in the conversation
  • What your thoughts were before having the conversation
  • How Jesus came up in the conversation
  • How you know the person
  • How the person responded
  • What you learned about connecting with others through the conversation
  • What you learned about the Holy Spirit through the conversation
  • What surprised you most about the conversation
  • How you will approach future conversations

What NOT to Share

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To respect individuals’ privacy, please refrain from mentioning the following details:
  • The name of the person/people you had a conversation with (ie, “my server Mary”)
  • The specific location you had the conversation at (ie, “McDonalds on 75 and Knox Henderson”)
  • Personal details that may be too sensitive to share publicly

Tips for Shooting Your Video

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For the best video quality:

Hold your phone horizontally to record.

  • Avoid distracting backgrounds or crowded spaces. Simple and clean backdrops are ideal.
  • Make sure your main source of light is facing you and not behind you.
  • Video yourself at eye level, which shows you are accessible.
  • When filming indoors, avoid standing under a lamp or light. Avoid hard shadows. 
  • Make sure to wipe off your camera lens to get the best quality image possible.
  • Hold your phone horizontally to record.
  • Avoid recording near noisy areas.
  • Avoid covering the mic on your phone with your hands.
  • Speak loudly and clearly.

We can’t wait to hear your story!

Accepted file types: mov, avi, mp4, m4v, Max. file size: 500 MB.
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