I had a conversation with […], a neighbor whose wife had been recovering from a double knee surgery. I felt led to give him the messy cross ornament because I’d had some conversations with his wife about Jesus, but never [with him]. Lo, and behold! [He] turned up at my door to return the bowl from the salad I’d taken down a few days before! I was so excited — I asked him to wait while I ran and grabbed the ornament. I was able to tell him how even though our lives and our “day” is/seems very messy that our church has been pointing us to Jesus and the “messy cross.” I pointed out the website to hear more about the messy cross. He was very touched and admired the beauty of the ornament…I was so excited after the door closed, I did a little jig. I was like, “God — you are so good, you brought him to me! I didn’t even have to go over to his house and knock on the door!