The cheerful lady at the return counter of the giant box store patiently tried to help me out with my mixed up order. When she finished, I gratefully handed her a DVD of The Jesus Film. “It’s a gift for you”,  I said. “It’s the story of the life of Jesus Christ”. “Oh,” she said as she grabbed it and held it close to her heart. “This is perfect, perfect timing. I have just finished watching lots of documentaries on TV, and made the decision to watch something about God or religion now. This is perfect, wonderful!”  She said delightedly. 

I handed her a basic gospel tract to go with it, as I left to go to the garden dept. Five minutes later, she came running up to me  breathless with tears in her eyes saying that her Mother would also love to see the DVD with her. She kept thanking me over and over.

When I finished my purchase in the garden dept., I handed the tired cashier a copy of The Jesus Film. She grabbed it, perked up and said, “My Family did not get to go to church on Easter, but we can all look at this together tonight. Thank you so much. You are always so kind when you come here.” 

As I left the store, I was aware that someone was following me into the parking lot. I turned and saw a clean cut young man who demanded, “What did you give that cashier? I was watching you.” I told him, then I asked if he would like a DVD too. “NO,” he said,

He was a Christian and didn’t need one.. He said he was impressed with the way I witnessed to total strangers. He had not seen it before. I asked him how he shared the gospel with others. He said he liked to sit down with a cup of coffee to talk to people and answer any deep questions they might have.

“I applaud your method of sharing the gospel,” I said. “God uses us all differently to reach all types of people, and we never run out of them. Carry on with what you are doing and so will I.” He waved a friendly goodbye. I was thinking that I would enjoy meeting him in heaven again some day with those that he led to Christ over a cup of coffee.