My wife and I are in our 9th year of being chaperones to 35-40 Fifth graders from HP area to DC/Philly/Boston to see the memorials, museums, and battlefields. 

I was asked by one of our students during a walk through Jamestown “A lot of our leaders back then seem to mention God a lot in speeches and writings. Are you a Christian Mr. Thompson?” this sweet 11 yr old young lady asked. 

“Absolutely! Let me tell you why and let me share with you why back then and to your life today why that is important.”

We had a great conversation Q&A about this. I learned of some brokenness in her family. Sharing the gospel and helping to apply it to her life right then seem to really connect with her. 

Not just her but I get as much out of it by reminding that applies in my life as well.