Had a great conversation at work today! I have a new Muslim coworker (as of last week), and I was talking to him and two of my (nominally Christian) coworkers. Somehow we got on the topic of his halal diet (my coworkers were unfamiliar with it and were asking), and we got into a long discussion about the Bible vs the Quran, how we each pray, what each of our end time prophecies are, how Muslims get to heaven vs how Christians do. My Christian coworkers still seem to think I’m surely “Christian enough” to get to heaven so I was able to re-emphasize how much I actually don’t deserve to go to heaven and that I need Jesus. We even talked about what the Quran says about Jesus vs what the Bible says! This conversation started right before lunch and lasted til we realized it was 1 p.m. and should probably eat something/get to work. Everyone was cool with the conversation and all asking questions. I’m hoping this opens the door to future conversations but am seeking wisdom from God in not overdoing it because I’m so excited about this!