My friend […] and her family were nominated and received a gift from Northwest Cares. After they received their check in the mail, I went to visit them. The whole family gathered together so we could talk about who the gift came from. I shared with them that the church gave them this gift because we want to share Jesus’ love with them. As we talked about the gift, I glanced at the card that came with the gift and saw a line about the grace of Jesus. God used this to encourage me to share the gospel. I was able to use the check as an example of God’s grace. We talked about how when you work at a job, you get a wage that you have earned. But this check, they did not work for or earn, so that is like a picture of God’s grace. I was able to share the whole gospel with them, about how Jesus came to rescue us from sin and death. God provided a translator so that the whole family could hear the message. I’m so grateful for this opportunity for my friends to hear the truth — this may have been the first time they ever heard the gospel.