Today after shopping at the grocery store …. I had the bag boy take my groceries out to the car. I reached into my chain pocket to give him a tip. I mentioned that I hope the store pays him a good wage. He assured me that they do. I mentioned to [him] that I was not use to having a bag boy take my groceries out to my car and that I was new in the area.  

[He] asked where I had moved from. I said “Guatemala.” He had a confused look on his face and asked where that was? I said below Mexico.

I then asked if he was named after anybody? He said “my mom got it from a Bible verse.” I asked which one and he stumbled over the words of “I know I have a plan for you.”

I asked, do you go to church much and he said, not really, but I go to an awesome church camp each year.

I encouraged [him] to look to Jesus.