We had a FaceTime conversation with […] former special ed teacher who he LOVED and we loved, about some schooling options for him going forward. Towards the end, I told her that she was literally an answer to prayer because the day before I contacted her, I had had a really hard day due to all of […] challenges, and I had been crying to God, “I need your help… I can’t do this on my own.” He had interrupted my thoughts with “trust me” and I felt more of a peace. The next morning, it occurred to me to reach out to her, and she said she’d love to talk (we hadn’t had a conversation about […] with her since she left his school 1.5 years ago). She had been God’s answer to my prayer for help! She was really touched when I relayed all of this to her, and I told her I was so thankful for her time and help, and I couldn’t imagine what I could do to return the favor and help her, but if she ever needs prayer for anything, I would love to pray for her. I realized after the fact that I should have asked her what I could pray for her about right then, but I will reach back out to her!