I’m a pediatric physical therapist who treats people and families with all backgrounds. Lately, I’ve been in conversation with a caregiver who happens to be Muslim. Months back I had an opportunity to speak about Jesus and ask what she needed prayer over, which included finances. The next time I went back, I gave her a monetary gift stating, “just as I give this to you with no strings attached, Jesus Christ loves you no strings attached.” Following these interactions, I’ve continued to be in prayer for her, but not having an opportunity to speak and have conversation. That changed today … when the Lord allowed me to speak about the significance of Christ as Lord and why he’s not just a prophet, the significance of the cross, the Bible and why He means so much to me. I then prayed for and over her right there in that moment. She asked where I went to church and if she would be accepted. I then explained, “come as you are.” I then made sure she had my cell phone number, the location of Northwest Bible and the service times. I informed her that my wife would be singing this Sunday (she knows about [my wife] being pregnant and always asks about her) and said I would love to have you there sitting next to me. She seemed very interested!!