I popped in the grocery store last night for baby carrots. It was late, and the store would be closing soon. When I got to the checkout the cashier was immediately very friendly. I got the impression he really just wanted to talk. For once, I wasn’t in a hurry, and there was no one waiting in line behind me, so I made the conscious decision to settle in, listen, and respond.

His name was […], and he’s originally from Israel. We talked briefly about the war going on both there and Ukraine. He asked me about my family, and was surprised when I said we’d been married 15 years but our daughter was only 2 years old. I told him that we thought we couldn’t have children, but God gave us a miracle. He gave a big smile and said congratulations. He told me about his nephew who is a little over a year old and is teething. As I walked away, he said he hoped that I would bring my daughter next time so he could meet her. It was a really sweet chat, and I only wish I had thought to offer to pray for him before I left.”