A couple weeks ago (I’ll have to check my prayer journal for exactly when), something made me think to pray over my gym as a place for Gospel conversations. The front desk workers are always engaging in their greetings and farewells, and I wondered if my baking ministry could extend to them, or how God might use me there.

This morning, I was writing in my prayer journal at one of the lounge’s tables there, per my usual routine post-workout, and someone else sat in that area.

We accidentally made eye contact, he started a conversation, and before I knew it we were talking about Bible Translation, his church experience, and there were just several things about the conversation that were timely and ordained.

To top it all off, he used to work at the gym, so the staff that I was praying about how to engage, he knows them and also knows he’s going to have to explain himself to them when I left because all they saw was him having a 30min conversation with a regular who reads in the mornings. So… I don’t know what’s next, but by the end of the day the staff will have heard about my faith through this other man I met.

A very cool answer to prayer, and I pray it’s only the beginning at my Planet Fitness.