Featured Stories


From: Tonya H.
Date: July 27, 2023

A homeless man […] frequents the DTS library and I have been seeking an opportunity to converse with him for a few weeks. Today I saw the opportunity and took it. I shared my story with [him] and presented the Gospel within my story. We talked for a good thirty minutes. When I finished and asked him if he wanted to receive Christ as his Savior, he said he had a lot to think about, but the door of opportunity is still open. Please keep [this man] in your prayers.


From: Kacy S.
Date: July 19, 2023

Dane and I had a really cool experience at the least expected location – the car dealership.

As we were driving to the dealership we asked God to lead us in a conversation with the car dealer who we had previously met. While we didn’t get to have a conversation about Jesus, we did get to encourage him, explain how we worked with Northwest Bible and our heart to adopt from the lens of Christianity. 

But later that day, as we were in financing with a woman …, we got to have a surprisingly easy to start conversation with her. She was a woman of peace who began asking questions about us, our marriage, our faith. We got to explain our love for Jesus and the Rock He is to our marriage and our purpose in life.

She told us that she was in a relationship where her boyfriend was a Christian and she was Catholic and she has been checking out some Bible churches with him. She also said that she’s interacted with lots of pastors and church ministers recently who have been encouraging her. At the end, we asked if there was anything we could pray for her about. She immediately teared up and asked for prayer for her father who is battling cancer. We got to pray for her right there in her office and it was such a blessing to us all! 

We walked away reminded of how good God is.


From: Dan B.
Date: June 17, 2023

[My wife and I attended] a friend’s daughter’s wedding. At the wedding reception a young gregarious guy sat down next to me. We had a lively conversation about the wedding, then it turned to his marriage. He shared some painful things. I asked about his spiritual journey and he said he grew up Catholic but has left the church. We talked about Jesus and he had lots of questions and doubts. It was a great conversation and good seed was planted for sure! I am planning to follow up. Please pray with me that [this young man] would come to know our Savior.  Also pray for wisdom for my next steps. Thanks!